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Balancing Eye Cream

Azurlis® Natural Skin Care

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For the delicate skin delineating your eyes.

This is an extremely light yet deeply nourishing and protective daily treat.

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

eye cream, sensitive skin, vegetarian, cruelty-free

Key Benefits

Nourishing, Soothing, Anti-oxidant, Rejuvenating, Protective. 

Key Ingredients

  • organic aloe vera extract
  • organic flax seed oil
  • organic macadamia nut oil
  • organic jojoba oil
  • organic cocoa
  • organic shea nut
  • peach kernel oil
  • organic green tea extract
  • natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol).  

Size: 30 ml

Approved by the NZ Vegetarian Society. Cruelty-free beauty in a precious world.

 new zealand vegetarian society anti-cruelty cruelty-free not tested on animals skin care       not tested on animals cruelty-free anti-cruelty skin care

Application & Directions

  • Application: formulated to rejuvenate and protect the delicate skin contouring the eyes. This is  a wonderful for day use, but it can just as easily by applied prior to a great night's sleep.

  • Directions for use: use one pump-drop of the cream to dab onto 6 or 7 points contouring each eye. Gently massage with small circular movements including lids. Re-apply for a richer coverage. Your skin will love the nourishing and soothing treat.


  • Soothing: extract of aloe vera as well as the oils of macadamia nut jojoba, cocoa butter and peach kernel are know for their soothing, anti-inflammatory and softening properties. Besides these ingredients are fabulous sources of cellular nourishment.

  • Anti-oxidant: green tea extract contains a rich mixture of polyphenols that have been well documented for their anti-oxidant properties. Natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) is a great anti-oxidant. Its benefits are complemented by nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients.

  • Rejuvenating: the soothing and anti-oxidant ingredients complement the wonderful cellular regenerative properties of shea butter and carrot seed oil. The latter is also an excellent source of vitamin A. This eye cream is protective and regenerative, encourage cell renewal and skin re-hydration.


Aloe barbadensis* (aloe vera), Linum usititassimum* (flax seed), Aloysia citrodora* (lemon verbena), glycerine, Macadamia integrifolia* (macadamia), cetearyl glucoside, cetearyl alcohol, Simmondsia chinensis* (Jojoba), Theobroma cacao* (cocoa butter), Ricinus communis (castor), Prunus persica (peach), Butyrospermum parkii* (shea butter), dehydroacetic acid^, benzyl alcohol^, coco caprate/caprylate, d-alpha tocopherol (natural vitamin E), Camellia sinensis* (green tea), potassium sorbate, xantahn gum, β-citronellol”, geraniol”, (l)-linalool” (“components of Lavandula angustifolia [lavender], Rosa damascena [rose Otto], Matricaria recutita [German chamomile], Boswellia caterii [frankincense], Dautus carota [carrot seed] essential oils), sodium phytate.
*Organic certified; ^EcoCert Approved for use in organic and natural certified skin care. Certified organic ingredients: 91%.