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Your Skin Type


What products can I use for my Normal Skin? Combination skin? Oily Skin? Dry Skin? Sensitive Skin? Ageing Skin?
Skin types are as varied as there are people, however to simplify product manufacture and selection the "Skin Care Industry" classifies skin types in 4 broad categories: normal & combination, dry & sensitive, oily & acne prone, rosacea and mature.

Of course, these are not meant to limit product selection, on the contrary they are a guide to make life easy. But, it also implies that there are no strict rules and for example a product that was designed for dry skin may also be just as suitable for normal skin.


  • Because "normal" skin can sometimes present a slightly drier character, and in many respects behave like dry skin. This could be due to physiological changes, like hormone cycles, lifestyle practices, seasons, aging processes or genetics, all of which we may have only minimal awareness or influence.
  • Equally, "dry" skin can behave like "normal" skin, or any skin type for that matter. And, of course vice-versa.
  • Bear in mind than our body is continuously changing, adapting and responding to external and internal exposure or stimuli, after all we are alive! 
  • The products selected under the skin types below are therefore a guide, as a starting point and sometimes we make the right choice straight away; other times we have to try products that may have been included in "other skin care types".

    The point is be informed about your skin and your needs, and by all means - ASK US anytime you are unsure about anything! 
    So, let's have fun.