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Uplifting Mind & Body Lotion - Application & Directions


  • Application: This lotion provides a wonderful medium to protect the skin all over your body, including fine cracks on your hands and feet. The softening and emollient properties of macadamia nut and jojoba oils are ideal to make your skin feel wonderfully moisturised and soft. In addition, the refreshing aromas of NZ tea tree and lemon verbena essential oils are also shielding due to their mild antiseptic properties.
  • Directions for use: Use the Uplifting Mind & Body Lotion anytime for your body care routine. Apply 1 – 2 pump drops to your hand and glide over your skin till all required areas are covered. Massage and spread thinly as only a light coating is required for protection. Reapply as necessary, and finish by giving your hands a great massage treat to ensure soft and supple skin.