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Special Skin Gel - Benefits

  • Soothing:  extracts of aloe vera, olive leaf, licorice, green tea and chamomile are soothing and anti-inflammatory.

  • Anti-oxidant: green tea extract contains a rich mixture of polyphenols that have been well documented for their anti-oxidant properties. Natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) is a great anti-oxidant. Flax seed and jojoba oils are also an excellent sources of omega fatty acids that support anti-oxidant cellular activity. The benefits of these ingredients are complemented by the nourishing and rejuvenating properties of other ingredients.

  • Rejuvenating:  the nourishing and regenerating properties of flax seed oil, jojoba oil, olive leaf and green tea extract gently encourage cellular renewal.  All together the properties of these ingredients are complemented with those of the calming essential oils from Roman chamomile and carrot seed. The latter is also an excellent source of vitamin A.

  • Skin lightening: licorice extract is a natural skin lightener, as this two ingredient has melanin dispersing properties. This helps to reduce facial pigmentation, and evening skin tone.