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Crystal Rose Lip Balm - Benefits

  • Soothing: oils of calendula (infused), coconut, jojoba, apricot kernel, shea nut, cocoa nut, macadamia nut all are known for their soothing benefits. 
  • Anti-oxidant: natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol). Its benefits are supported by nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients.
  • Protective: with a unique blend of oils of calendula (infused), coconut, shea nut and cocoa nut. These are known for their natural sun shielding benefits, although the combined effect is SPF-8. For higher protection, zinc oxide containing products are recommended.
  • Flavouring: coconut oil, cocoa butter, vanilla extract and peppermint essential oil add an delicious refreshing touch.
  • Lip plumping: peppermint essential oils stimulates circulation and lightly plumps your lips for a fuller look.