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Why Are Independent Certifications Important?


Certifications are truly important, especially in today's market where it is often difficult to be sure that a product is what it is claiming to be.

Organic, Natural, and Vegetarian Certifying Organizations independently review all the ingredient manufacturing and packaging data pipeline, to confirm that ingredients harvest and processing comply with the guidelines set out, and that indeed no hazardous substances are either used or produced in these processes.

The benefits of these certifications are for our sake - the consumers, as well as for the long term sustainability of our environment, and precious planet.

Not only it is important to ensure that products are truly natural, organic, or vegan/vegetarian, BUT, it is also our duty to educate the public on the dangers of "green wash". It is about time the public asks questions about what we eat and use on our skin, as we all need to be more discerning.

Often people have to be reminded that just because products are being sold in the market place, and often with beautifully presented "green" branding there is absolutely no guarantee at all that the products are both safe and environmentally friendly.

Because we want to differentiate our products from others in the "green wash" wave, we are currently going though BioGro Organic Certification of our products, and our Anti-Aging Range is already NZ Vegetarian Society Approved.

In time we would like all our products to be Organic Certified and Vegetarian Approved, but constraints on resources and time dictates that we have to take one step at  a time.

Organic certification of our products has always been part of our philosophy as a demonstration of our values on food and personal care products, as well as on organic farming and life style practices. 

We look forward to officially and proudly displaying our BioGro number! 

Vegetarian Approval reflects our deep respect not just for human life, but for that of other species. This is at the core of our belief that no animal testing of skin care products should be carried out at all.

We also do not believe in using any animal derived ingredients. These are values aligned with the NZ Vegan Society.

So... we fully and completely support cruelty-free beauty, and encourage sustainability of our environment. This is what the NZ Vegetarian Society (that also represents the NZ Vegan Society) Approval stands for. 

We, at Azurlis® Natural Skin Care are truly proud of our NZ Vegetarian Society Approval.

Last but not least, we are part of Buy NZ made because our products are designed and crafted in the heart of the South Island! How much more NZ Made can they be? 

And, Azurlis® Natural Skin Care is equally proud to be NZ made!