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Moisture Holding Hand Cream - Application & Directions

  • Application: Formulated to hydrate and nourish the skin, while acting as a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss. Continuous use stimulates cell nourishment and regeneration, essential for great looking skin. Protecting and nourishing: a rich blend of hydrating botanical oils, butters, waxes and waters with a wild mint, scent define this cream.

  • Directions for Use: Use the Moisture Holding Hand Cream anytime of the day or night, or as often as needed. Always start with tiny quantities of this cream, increasing as needed. Pump, or use the small spatula provided with the jar to scoop a “grape seed” amount of cream. Transfer this onto the skin of your hands and massage until all the cream has been absorbed. This cream provides a barrier that retains moisture and leaves your skin feeling supple and smooth. Re-apply if you require a more abundant layer.