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Hydrating Face & Neck Gel - Application & Directions

  • Application: this non-oily serum gel is ideal for application directly to the skin before using any moisturiser, and clearly complemented by either the Intensive Moisturising Day Cream or the Daily Moisturising Cream Gel SPF - 10. This serum gel has been formulated to super-hydrate thirsty skin.
  • Directions for use: apply one drop to a finger tip and lightly dab on each of your cheeks, brow, nose, chin and neck.  Gently massage until just a fine film of the gel is felt to the touch.  Your skin will feel subtly moist, and it may feel slightly sticky for a few seconds, as the blend of botanical extracts with hyaluronic acid attracts moisture to the surface of the skin, while the oils balance the extracts. Wait 30 - 60 seconds, to allow the gel to settle over your skin, then apply your moisturiser.