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Delicate Skin Serum II - Application & Directions

  • Application: This serum is one of two for rosacea skin, Delicate Skin Serum- I & II. Delicate Skin Serum-II is a more potent serum than Delicate Skin Serum-I. It is recommended to start with Delicate Skin Serum-I and then moving to Delicate skin Serum-II, as described. Start with Serum-I for 1 week, then follow with Serum-II for another week. Then, select the serum that best suits your specific skin requirements or alternate between the two. Rosacea is a rather difficult condition and improvement can be dependent on many factors including genetic make-up, diet, stress and environmental exposure to allergens. Thus, not every person will respond to these serum types, however an improvement on the overall complexion is likely to be felt.

  • Directions for Use: Apply one drop to each cheek either at night or in the morning after cleansing. Gently massage with small circular movements away from the nose, until the serum covers your entire face and has been fully absorbed. Reapply if a richer coverage is desired. This serum can be used in the morning prior to applying make-up or in the evening after cleansing, for a wonderful night's sleep.