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Crystal Mist Herbal Toner - Application & Directions

  • Application: refreshing and absolutely divine. One of those truly special products that can be used on your face and body, anywhere, anytime, as a toner or spritzer, and is completely, absolutely 100% alcohol-free.

  • Directions for use: use the Crystal Mist Herbal Toner as a toner after cleansing. Or, as a refreshing burst of moisture on hot days. Or, as a vehicle to keep the skin moist under your moisturiser. Or, spray some of the toner on a pad of cotton wool and place it over your eyes, for a wonderful rest of your eyes and soul. Or, spray directly onto your skin or on the palm of your hand, then pat gently until absorbed priot to applying either the Intensive Moisturising Day Cream or the Soul & Skin Nourishing Night Cream.