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Crystal Energy

Energy, Crystal Energy and Crystal Healing





Before describing what crystal energy is, consider the scientific definition of energy: “it is the ability to do work”.


Sources of this definition range from the original work of Aristotle in the 4th century BC (Ross, 1999) to the scientific publications of Einstein in the 20th century as well as those of Mather and Smoot, Nobel Prize winners in 2006 for their contribution to the "Big Bang Theory".


To translate this into everyday language, perhaps the best definition is that of David Watson, an engineer that has devoted time to make scientific concepts tangible to all, who explains that energy “is the ability to make something happen”.


This is a fantastic way to understand the concept of energy and how energy is everywhere and is everything. This clarifies that it is the transfer of energy or the conversion of one form of energy to another that drives life. In essence, the energy from the sun (solar energy) enables the plants to produce nutrients (chemical energy).


These nutrients in being consumed by animals and plants, contribute to the maintenance of life (potential and kinetic energy). Upon their death, their bodies will add to the nutrients that feed the soil on which the plants are growing (chemical energy).


With this appreciation, it is easily understood that the solar energy (and for that matter any energy in the universe) will be transferred to the organic and inert matter on Earth, with crystals being part of the latter.


Crystals as well as all solid matter are made up of atomic particles, but crystals are organised crystalline structures, called lattices. Theses lattices are specific to each crystal, such that the chemical and physical structure as well as properties of for instance, calcite, pyrite and lazurite are different from each other.


Thus, all crystals are unique and all have the ability to change energy. An example of changing light energy is the generation of spectral shifts when light passes through a crystal. This is seen in the formation of a rainbow, as sunlight refracts through the rain.


Another example is the use of quartz crystals in radio and electronic communications, whereby mechanical energy is converted into electromagnetic energy (Simmons & Ahsian, 2005; Hall, 2007). These and many other applications of crystal properties are taken for granted in everyday life.


The effect of crystal energy has also been noted on the human energy field.


Crystals have been known for having a calming yet energising effect on people who are exposed to them, generating a sense emotional security, increase self-awareness, help to shift outdated or inappropriate approaches, impart a positive outlook on life and improve physical condition.


Because of the differences in properties in crystals they can have specific effects on different emotional and physical unbalances. Therefore, crystal energy is used as an alternative tool to healing individuals both at the physical and emotional level.


Crystal healing has been used long before modern recorded history.


A form of crystal healing that has become increasingly popular nowadays is the usage of salt lamps either from Poland, Pakistan or the Himalayas. These lamps are natural deionisers, purifying the air by producing negative ions. These ions counteract the detrimental effect of positive ions, such as pollutants.



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