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Azurlis® Ingredient Properties & Benefits

The safety and toxicity of all ingredients has been carefully reviewed and selected for their generally acceptable problem-free safety profile. Owing to the concentrated nature of essential oils, only the lowest possible amounts that have a beneficial effect on the skin have been used.


To test the products on the skin, use a small amount on the inner forearm. If no reaction is detected use as instructed. Some products contain ingredients that stimulate the circulation. This effect may result in a feeling of warmth or pink colouration of the skin in the area tested. This effect should dissipate with 10-15 minutes. Discontinue further use if this effect persists.


anti-oxidant (carrot seed, evening primrose*, grape seed, jojoba*, vitamin E, petigrain);


anti-scarring/anti-wrinkle (argan, rosehip, rosa damascena, palmarosa);


astringent (chamomile, cucumber);


balancing/ sebum control (geranium, jojoba, macadamia, palmarosa);


calming (chamomile, cucumber, evening primrose*, geranium, grape seed, lavender*, lapis lazuli);


cleansing (coconut*, decyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside, cocoglucoside with glyceryl oleate);


emollient (candelilla wax, macadamia wax, plant derived stearic acid, vegetable glycerine);


emulsifying (Emulsifier O^ - cetearyl olivate and sorbitan olivate, xanthan gum);


firming (borage, carrot seed, shea butter*); inner peace (lapis lazuli, petitgrain);


increasing elasticity (borage, carrot seed, evening primrose);


moisturising/hydrating/humectant (aloe vera; apricot kernel,avocado*, borage, camellia, chamomile, cocoa, evening primrose*, geranium, grape seed,jojoba*, lavender*, orange*, peach, rosa damascena, shea butter*);


preservative (citric acid, Geogard 221^, potassium sorbate);


regenerating/ nourishing/ protective barrier (aloe vera, apricot kernel, borage, candelilla, cocoa butter, cucumber, evening primrose*, lavender*, macadamia, palmarosa, peach, pomegranate, rosa damascena, rosehip*, shea butter*, vitamin E);


re-structuring (camellia, peach, rosehip*, rosa damascena, shea butter*, vitamin E);


rejuvenating (borage, lavender*, orange*, rosa damascena);


softening (aloe vera, apricot kernel, argan, avocado*, borage, chamomile, cocoa, evening primrose*, grape seed, jojoba*, lavender*, orange*, peppermint, rosa damascena, shea butter*);


soothing (aloe vera, borage, chamomile, geranium, grape seed, jojoba*, rosa damascena);


stimulating circulation (borage, geranium, lavender*, palmarosa, peppermint, shea butter*);


natural sun screen (shea butter* SPF = 4);


toning (carrot seed, cucumber, chamomile, orange*);


thickener (xanthan gum);


All aqueous ingredients are filter sterilised through 0.22 um filters prior to blending.


*Denotes Organic Certification. ^ Denotes Eco Certification by the European Union.